SCA Race Singlets

At the Climb For Cancer in Brisbane we saw the largest group of SCA community members wearing our singlets which was a very proud moment for us. We are not in the business of chest beating who we are but any support we receive is fantastic and greatly appreciated. With the Sydney Stair Challenge now […]

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Find your inner focus

Stairwells can be pretty boring if we let them be. Training on your own and continually doing the same workout over and over can not only physically reduce your gains but also mentally starve you. We say it many times. Our sport is one of the most physically and MENTALLY challenging so being able to […]

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I can’t squat.

One of the key physical requirements of stair climbing is having power in your legs. In other words, having good leg strength that is able to carry you up the steps against gravity. This is why in all of our programs we prescribe a basic leg strength program for people to build upon. But what […]

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Get yourself a training partner

Back in the day Adam and I travelled from Geelong to Melbourne every Tuesday and Thursday so that we could train together in the stairwell. We were fortunate to keep this up for at least two years. The journey started at 5:30am and the workouts were brutal (just search for some of our very first […]

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The need for speed.

Welcome to Speed Week and the second week of my training program. I hope you all enjoyed the insight into my first week. I explained in my previous post the rationale behind Speed Week so for this post it’s more of the “What” instead of the “Why”. To quickly summarise, the purpose of this week […]

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