SCA Wristbands

Coming soon to a wrist near you is a custom made SCA wristband. Will they make you go faster upstairs? Maybe! Will they match your lovely SCA racing top? Definitely! Can I have one please? Maybe! Read on for more.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Fresh Promotions we will soon have 200 beautiful, custom made SCA wristbands to provide to our community. Fresh Promotions have Australia’s largest range of custom branded promotional items. Everything from wristbands to coffee cups to scented candles. We are starting with the wristbands and will (probably not) get to the scented candles in the future.

We’ll let you know more of how to get your wrists wrapped up in one of our stylish pieces soon. Stay tuned!

If you have some promotional items you’d like produced checkout SCA supporters Fresh Promotions.

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