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Membership to Stair Climbing Australia makes you an official part of the tribe, provides discounts entries to races, and gives you an exclusive running singlet/tshirt among other benefits.

Membership run from the time of joining until 31 December. You will be sent a renewal notice during the month of December to join for the following year.

Special! Join now for membership through to December 2020.

Annual Memberships

$80 — Adult
Mantra staff enjoy 10% off the regular price!

Stair Climbing Australia’s annual membership brings great benefits and connects you the community of those who race up stairs. Benefits include:

  • Discounts at all major races in Australia

  • A cool SCA running singlet or t-shirt (see sizing chart)

  • Discounts from our supporters (see current discounts)

  • Inclusion in the official SCA National Rankings

Join the tribe by choosing your membership type then click ‘Join Now’ to enter your details and enjoy your 10% discount.

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