Stair Climbing Australia Inc. is the peak body for stair racing in Australia. Our aims are to promote and grow the sport, organise races, and build a connected tribe of passionate stair racers. Your family and friends might think you are strange in your pursuit of climbing stairs, we think you are a legend!



Chris Price & Adam Ryan

Chris Price & Adam Ryan


Stair Climbing Australia was first started as a concept in 2014 by Adam Ryan and Chris Price who became passionate competitors and advocates for the sport. A Facebook page was started and being personal trainers they started to experiment and research training methods for their own benefit as well as helping others engage with the sport.

Eventually life took over for Adam and Chris and SCA was left for some time without a website or active Facebook page.

In mid-2018 three stair racing enthusiasts, world class athlete Alice McNamara, elite racer Jason Williams, and passionate competitor Maria Pia Piedmontese, sick of a lack of races in Australia, came together to get SCA going again.

On 10 October 2018 SCA was registered as an incorporated association and a website built. As a formal association we are now working towards building the sport, running our own races and creating a connected community of Australians who are passionate about the sport.


Executive & Committee

Maria Pie Piedmontese & Alice McNamara

Maria Pie Piedmontese & Alice McNamara


As a newly incorporated association the executive and committee roles are being filled temporarily until the first Annual General Meeting.

Acting President: Alice McNamara

Acting Vice President: Jason Williams

Acting Secretary: Maria Pia Piemontese

Acting Treasurer: Jason Williams

Committee: Ed Manktelow

Committee: Scott Beveridge



Australia’s current top stair racers: Mark Bourne, Suzy Walsham, & Alice McNamara

Australia’s current top stair racers:
Mark Bourne, Suzy Walsham, & Alice McNamara


Stair Climbing Australia Inc. is an incorporated association registered in the State of Victoria. We are a not for profit dedicated to the following purposes:

  • to promote the sport of stair racing/tower running at all levels throughout Australia

  • to organise races for members and non-members

  • to liaise with other organisations that organise stair race events to provide assistance and advice

  • to provide assistance and advice to Australian athletes competing internationally

  • to act as the Australian affiliated member of Towerrunning World Association

  • to affiliate with other bodies.

Read our full constitution



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