Stadium Stomp Gabba Report

Brisbane really turned it on this year with not only a beautiful sunny clear sky and a warm temperature but also over 2,000 entrants, the most we have had since the first event in 2014!!

The first wave was filled mostly with unlimited climbers who took advantage of the empty stadium to quickly punch out a lap before the other waves started to fill up the aisles. SCA had four members attend; Scott (QLD), Marcus (QLD), Marina (QLD) and one interstate member Kevin (NSW) making the journey up to Brisbane. Scott was the only member registered in the unlimited and managed to beat his goal of two laps by doing a third. A sore knee from going down stairs, the only reason why a fourth wasn’t attempted.

There were some very good comments from other entrants towards our members as we proudly wore our SCA tops that are fast becoming well recognised nation wide after our stint on Channel 7 Sunrise the week before. A number of community members introduced themselves and we gained many more followers on our Instagram and Facebook page as a result of our presence.

There were a handful of people who completed 6 or more laps before sore knees also crept in.

The Stomp season finished off at the Gabba with event organisers King Performance doing a magnificent job over the whole series and the climbing community is looking forward to what 2020 brings!